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I might have been able to make something off of the ring, but i never was interested, really. They have a strap attached. And last but not least, they needed a small work zone with a chill vibe to lounge and read as well. Scotch whisky from many parts of scotland are available too. Carrying options are also excellent, with a smooth, padded side grab handle on either side and top of the bag, comfortable and fully adjustable shoulder straps with sternum strap for support and a trolley sleeve to attach to a rolling bag. Just because you record at a higher frame rate, it does not mean that the video automatically plays back in slow motion. You've never heard of it because it wasn't marketed the way i pitched it. That day, the french and russians pounded each other with artillery and launched a number of charges and countercharges. Hi, this is tony albert from kerala.

Its not like they are selling separately 'pro' straps.

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